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Welcome to Geoffrey Parker luxury games, makers of the worlds finest board games, including custom backgammon sets, bespoke poker sets, luxury chess and many more.

 Handmade to order in the UK, Geoffrey Parker luxury backgammon sets, games tables, and traditional games are made with the finest materials by our talented craftsmen & women. A Geoffrey Parker luxury game is a piece of craftsmanship like nothing else, built to last & crafted to encapsulate your design, colours and personalisations.


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Geoffrey Parker Games, makers of the worlds most luxury board games including luxury backgammon sets, luxury poker sets, custom chess, custom monopoly board, luxury games tables and more. Handmade to order our custom monopoly, custom backgammon and custom poker sets are like no other. The original leather backgammon board
Geoffrey Parker are proud makers of the backgammon world championship board and we work closely with the UKBGF and the USBGF, the UK open and the Nordic open to create a professional board first and foremost followed by a luxury designer backgammon or board game. At Geoffrey Parker we’ve been handmaking board games since 1958, you can find out more about our history and how the company began on our ‘about us page. But to give you a brief overview it all started with a chessboard, at the time Geoffrey Pakrerwas making little leather-bound books including the works of Shakespeare etc. He’d been creating luxury versions of these books for Dunhill (the famous brand) who, one day asked Geoffrey if he could produce a luxury leather chessboard. Geoffrey decided to give it a go, and the rest they say is history. Since then we’ve made hundreds of chess boards, including a very special set for the game most famously known as ‘the cold war clash’. We began expanding into other games, starting with backgammon and progressing to scrabble and licenced games. Over time the company grew and the brand reputation grew too. Geoffrey Parker has now become synonymous with the luxury game market, most predominantly Designer backgammon boards.