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Full Leather Backgammon

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Our exceptional full leather backgammon with fine edged and weighted luxury leather checkers designed alongside former World Champion Paul Magriel. As Nick Foulkes wrote in GQ in January 2004: “If Hermès ever made miniature air-hockey pucks, they would look like this.” Handmade to order. Please, see sizing information in the product description.

Backgammon Design Tool
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These full leather backgammon boards are individually bound around a wooden core. They are covered in our finest Dauphin calf leather which is specially tanned for gaming creating a finished product which is super-fast, wine & tobacco resistant. With over 28,500 possible colour combinations you can design your own, truly unique luxury backgammon.

As with all of our products, there are multiple options to help you customise your board; from the colour of the leather to the size of the board. If you need a little help or inspiration, feel free to request photos from our archives, alternatively, you can visit our Instagram page which is full of examples of our full leather backgammon boards.

Our famous full leather checkers were designed by Geoffrey Parker with the help of Paul Magriel; sadly Paul passed away in 2018. He’d helped to design the checkers to feel heavy in the hand yet slide perfectly across the board at speed. His dedication to the game, the backgammon community and our brand will be greatly missed.  He not only made a huge impact on the backgammon industry but was also a well-known poker and chess player.

Features of  A Full Leather Backgammon Set

  • Full leather weighted backgammon checkers
  • Checkers designed with Paul Magriel
  • Matching hand embossed giant doubling cube
  • Uncrushable dice cups, suede lined with trips
  • Full leather hand stitched handle
  • Pair of combination locks
  • Locks available in Chrome or Gilt
  • Full leather playing board
  • 16mm ball cornered dice
  • Super-fast gaming leather
  • Full leather case
  • 13 colours to choose from
  • Available in five sizes
  • Handmade in England to order

Custom Leather Backgammon Set

Choose from our range of sizes and over 28,500 possible colour combinations before adding personal touches like initials, family crests and logos. All of our backgammons are customised backgammon sets; in fact, pretty much all of our products are customisable so please get in touch if you’d like to customise your product in some way.

Backgammon Sizes in MM   Backgammon Sizes in Inches

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