Enjoying The Resurgent Board Game Culture

Like so many other traditional pastimes, board games have been affected by the wave of digital technology. Indications are that the culture is currently going through a revival. The industry has seen events like the board-and-hobby focused UK Games Expo attracting 40,000 people every year – 33 times the number of attendees in 2007. Board games are being designed in every flavour, from relaxing games that benefit your wellbeing, to exquisite luxury pieces that define the occasion like our Luxury Monopoly.

Driving the new wave of Board Games

A key proponent of the new board game popularity surge is undoubtedly board gaming cafes. These establishments are springing up across the country and hosting ambitious events. According to the Evening Standard, one Hackney cafe paired up social events with a three-hour chess tournament. Cafes offer a diverse selection of products that can be tried, with many using services to provide new products every month. With this as a key part of their strategy to bring new faces into the business, there’s always something new for inquisitive customers.

Games Can Provide Respite

Modern culture is driven inexorably by smart technology. According to The Week, the average British person will spend over 24 hours per week on their phone and will check their notifications every 12 minutes. Activities that distract from this and provide relaxation are becoming more popular, such as taking a walk and, obviously, playing board games. The effects of this can’t be understated; according to respected mental health mag The Counsellors Cafe, board games not only help provide relaxation and relief from stress but also boost cognitive ability. In short, board games are offering a way for people to get away from the mind-numbing process of many modern digital services, and instead find ways to both relax and exercise their minds.

Enhancing The Home

The home is moving away from modern design and back into becoming functional once again. This is the view echoed by Ideal Home, who have noted the move towards liveable, Nordic-style designs and away from clean lines. Part and parcel of this home design is including entertainment away from technology for the family and guests; board games are an excellent way to do this. In particular, custom-designed or luxury games that provide a particular talking point for the home are becoming more popular.

Board games are no longer of the past; instead, the evidence is pointing to them being the future. Between the variety available, the custom nature, the proven benefits to mental health and cognitive ability, and their benefit on socialisation in the home it’s great to see their popularity rise once again.

So, next time you’re staring blankly into your phone or planning an event, don’t forget to include the board games.

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