Eco-friendly board games

In 2019 it seems like the world has woken up to the issue of plastic waste and many are holding the companies they buy from more responsible for their carbon footprint.

At Geoffrey Parker, we recently realised how Eco-Friendly we actually are…

Our board games are primarily created out of organic materials; these materials give our boards their signature design, they age gracefully yet maintain their beauty throughout the years. However, once you’ve handed your board down through the generations (which many customers do) they can, one day be recycled if needed.

What Are Your Boards Made From?

Our boards are primarily made of wood and leather with only small components like the locks and screws being made of metal, our boards contain no single-use plastic and our packaging is either made of cardboard or recycled flow pack. We’ve never made the conscious effort as a company to become eco-friendly because when you work with your hands and a natural material like we do, there’s very little plastic involved.

Our leather is wrapped in paper when it arrives and is stored in our stock room in the same way; from start to finish our products contain a considerable amount less plastic than your weekly supermarket shop.

We’re rather proud of this fact, we live and work in the stunning countryside and the only way to ensure it remains like this is to ensure as our business evolves our eco-friendly production remains.

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