Custom Scrabble Set


Luxury Scrabble Set

£1,135.00 GBP


Custom Design

Leather Letters


Unique Design

Custom Scrabble Set

All of our board games are made to order, this includes our luxury scrabble sets. Whether you’re looking for a one off or a large batch of bespoke scrabble sets we can help. The board itself can be customised in your choice of colours, we can also change the language to suit you or the recipient of the board. We then work with you to choose the right colour plinth or sides of the board to ensure you receive the most beautiful scrabble set you’ve ever seen.


We often work with interior designers & owners on private yachts and jets. Therefore, our team is familiar working with specialist materials and designing products to meet unique briefs. All of our existing designs can either be edited slightly or redesigned entirely for both home owners, interior designers or brands looking to stock our luxury scrabble set.

Pre-Designed Scrabble

Below you will find a range of products we regularly produce in various shades of our traditional gaming leather. However if you’re looking for something specific or unique please don’t hesitate to get in touch, due to the handmade nature of our products we’re able to create custom designs as a one off or as a batch.

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    Multi Game Plinth

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  • Custom Scrabble Board | Luxury Scrabble Set | Luxury Games

    Luxury Scrabble Set

    £1,135.00 GBP
  • Luxury Scrabble Set | Custom Scrabble | Luxury Board Game

    Luxury Scrabble Set – Grey

    £3,850.00 GBP

Start A Design

Book a design consultation

Our team are always on hand to help, we thrive on bespoke designs. Whether you have a slight idea of what you’re looking for or no clue at all we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

If you don’t have time to wait, we supply David Linley and Aspinal of London with our stunning printed scrabble sets.



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If you are looking for a custom games table; you’ve come to the right place. As the worlds finest board game makers; it’s no surprise Geoffrey Parker is also well known for our luxury games and bespoke gaming tables.

While this page displays a range of our tables and compendia, it’s just a fraction of what is possible. Choose between bespoke coffee tables featuring our luxurious games and bespoke furniture. Our tables house roulette wheels, chess sets & backgammon boards. We’ve designed tables for a range of room styles including  Man Caves, Games Rooms and subtle pieces of living room furniture.

Our experience in designing one-off bespoke furniture pieces isn’t restricted to the home; we’ve worked with yachts, jets, hotels and gentleman’s clubs to create bespoke designs suitable for any situation. We also enjoy working closely with interior designers creating something bespoke for a project or working closely with the designer and the homeowner.

Design A Bespoke Game Table

If there is not a design to your liking within this luxury collection, please contact us and our master craftsmen. We are always happy to work with you to design a custom table to your exact requirements.

If you order a games table from Geoffrey Parker, it’s always handmade to order. This enables us to add special little details and personal touches.

Throughout our company history, we’ve worked with some of the most unusual requirements so we like to believe that almost anything is possible. Please feel free to submit an enquiry specifying your requirements.