The History

Monopoly as a board game has evolved from the very beginning; back in 1903 when the game was designed to explain the single tax theory of Henry George as an educational tool. From when the Parker Brothers began publishing Monopoly in 1935, it has been used for many different purposes and in multiple forms. For example, in 1941 during World War 2, the British government had a special version created for its POWs which contained hidden objects like compasses, money, tools & other useful items to aid prisoners in an escape.

The Custom View

Here at Geoffrey Parker, we approach Monopoly with a view of utilising the many attributes of this beloved family board game to design & create custom, personalised luxury versions. Bound in our signature Dauphin calf leather by hand, these boards are either hand embossed in gold or silver or printed onto leather using our in-house printer. Our master craftsmen are able to change the streets on the board to those familiar to you; the streets you grew up in, where you went to school, your first house or favourite holidays. The possibilities are endless, the stations can be altered to be, for example, restaurants, pubs, golf courses etc. Utilities can, of course, also be changed to reflect significant holidays, events or favourite days out for example.

A Little Bit More Luxury

It is not just the streets where the personalisation possibilities lie, the Monopoly tokens themselves can be customised for you. Cast in luxury sterling silver or sterling silver gilt, all 32 houses, 12 hotels & 10 tokens can be changed to personal items/buildings. Cast by a silversmith based in the UK, who specialises in charms (like the original playing pieces of Monopoly once were) these items can be custom made to order to replicate your very own Aston Martin DB9.

As with all luxury items & custom leather goods, these Monopoly sets do take time to build, however, if these sets are required for a particular date, a birthday or anniversary, our team will do all they can to accommodate your commission.

Contact our craftsmen today to design your very own custom Monopoly set.