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Custom Monopoly set – Hand-Embossed

Each street is hand inlaid into the board by our master craftsmen and women. The streets are hand embossed in your choice of gold or silver foil (other colours are available) and the playing tokens can be customised to match in gold, silver, pewter and more.

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About Our Custom Monopoly

Have you always dreamed of having the ability to make your own Monopoly ® set to play with the family at Christmas, after a dinner or on a Sunday afternoon. Traditionalists can enjoy our classic luxury London edition, but those wanting to showcase a particular pastime or hobby can enjoy creating a custom version.

Our personalised Monopoly ® design process means you can become fully involved with our design team in creating a unique custom piece; alternatively, you can leave it in the hands our talented staff who have years of experience.

To provide some examples we’ve created sets to include real money, and replicas of cars, and created a bust for each family member so please feel free to ask if you’re looking for something specific.

Special Requests Are Always Welcome

We like to think that anything is possible when it comes to a personalised monopoly; whether you’re looking for the streets to be made of gold, or playing pieces adorned with diamonds… Just let us know what you’re looking for. If you have any special requests or designs, please, do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen.

No personalisation is too much when it comes to being able to make your own monopoly set; if you wish to embellish it with gold, silver or special gems, we can do that. If you’d rather keep it simple we can help with that too.

Historic Projects

Over our 60+ year history we have had the pleasure of creating some truly unique personalised monopoly sets which included custom cast playing tokens, hand inlayed playing surface and our exquisite plinth to enable you to display your bespoke monopoly board. Whether you’re looking for a simple, leather custom printed board or a luxury version of the London Monopoly we can help. As with all of our products the boards displayed are examples of previous work and can all be customised to your specifications, including changing the streets, playing pieces, community chest and chance cards.

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Our team are always on hand to help, we thrive on bespoke designs. Whether you have a slight idea of what you’re looking for or no clue at all we’d be delighted to hear from you. We have many previous designs for celebrities, businesses and wedding guests as gifts. Our custom Monopoly sets can tell the story of someone’s life; their businesses and the things they enjoy most. From embellishing a set with diamonds and rubies to something as simple as changing the streets. ..Anything is possible with Geoffrey Parker.


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