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How Bespoke is a Luxury Backgammon Board?

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, home of custom backgammon boards; since 1961 we’ve been hand-making luxury backgammon boards for private customers, luxury brands and hotels. Our backgammon sets are luxury not just by the materials that we use, but also the quality of the manufacturing.


Custom backgammon boards at Geoffrey Parker are truly custom; add your name, and your logo, and change the size, shape, locks and design. Our custom backgammon set is handmade to order which means you can have anything you like; from adapting our design to suit your style to redesigning it to suit your brand. With over 28,500 possible colour combinations in our traditional gaming leather alone, the possibilities are truly endless.

Whats In Stock?

What Makes Geoffrey Parker The Best Backgammon Board?

Geoffrey Parker custom backgammon boards can be anything you want it to be; whether you choose to stick to our signature design or change the stowage and size. A Geoffrey  Parker backgammon board is made by hand in England; no mass production. Our traditional methods of manufacturing mean that our team are trained to spot imperfections in the leather we use. Using natural materials such as wooden carcases and leather there can be variations in sizes which is why our team work to the millimetre.

Over our 65-year history producing luxury board games, we have scoured the globe for the finest materials possible not just for our custom backgammon board but for all of our luxury board games. The locks on our cases don’t just look good; they are also made by some of the finest lock makers in the world. Our leather is sourced from cattle that are kept in fields without barbed wire fences to prevent marks or blemishes where they enjoy rubbing up against the fence for a good scratch.

These small details are just little elements in our boards which make them unique, the care, attention and skill which go into these hand-produced luxury backgammon sets is what makes them truly special.

The Design Process

Designing a luxury backgammon set can be daunting; especially with so many colour options available to you; from choosing your board size to picking the colours you like most it’s often a little overwhelming. Our team are always on hand to help with the process; our website is full of examples of different styles but our Instagram is the number 1 place to visit to see what is possible as we’ll always share lots of examples there.

If you’d like to use our standard board sizes, and styles you can place an order through our website and we’ll be in touch to confirm colours and options with you directly. Placing a deposit ensures your slot in our production schedule for your luxury backgammon set and from here we’ll be able to work with you on your options.  If you would like to create something truly unique you can get in touch directly and discuss the ideas you have and the options available to you.