Crystal Staunton Chess Set

£2,345.00 GBP

A hint of “bling” for a traditional piece.

Swarvorski™ clear crystals are inlaid into the top edge of the Dauphin calf leather scalloped sided chess board plinth and around the base to give a bit of sparkle to a rather reserved (at times) game!

A Club class Boxwood Staunton chess set completes the piece with the pieces stowed safely away in the felt lined and padded plinth interior. the chessboard in hand inlaid leather.

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Crystal Staunton Chess Set

For those who like to add a little sparkle to their game; our Crystal Staunton Chess Set is beautifully made by hand in our English workshops. Clear Swarvorski™ crystals are inlaid into the board creating a beautiful sparkle when inlayed against a dark leather.

Luxury Chess Sets

Our crystal Staunton luxury chess sets feature our beautiful Staunton chess pieces which are perfectly balanced preventing toppling during play. The playing pieces are triple weighted meaning the king can be tipped to a 45-degree angle without toppling to prevent foul play.

The chess pieces are also all hand carved and supplied with two queens to ensure the game is not disrupted when a porn becomes a queen.

Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games

As with all the products at Geoffrey Parker; our games are all handmade making them ideal for personalisation. We’re always more than happy to work on custom commissions, so if there’s elements of this board you like and would like to incorporate it into another design we’d love to know.

We’ve made hundreds of custom chess set’s over the 60 years we’ve been in business; from corporate boards with custom playing pieces to beautifully simple design. Our luxury chess sets are all handmade; each plinth is covered in our luxury leather using techniques which have been handed down by Geoffrey and his original team of craftsmen and women.


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