Corporate Comissions

Your Brand, Our Expertees

Over our 65+ year history, we have been the company behind the world’s most famous brands. Our client list includes brands such as Cartier, Aston Martin F1 and Ralph Lauren just to name a few. We are trusted by these brands because of our craftsmanship and our quality. Whether you’re looking for a corporate gift or a whitelable product, Geoffrey Parker can help.


Professional Board Games

First and foremost, at Geoffrey Parker, we make professional board games. At the heart of our business is professional board games which are why we’re the brand of choice for some of the world’s largest game tournaments. From the world backgammon championships to supplying some of the world’s best poker players. When you commission a branded version of a Geoffrey Parker you know you’re commissioning championship quality.



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Your Brand Identity

We understand when you work with another brand that your corporate identity has to shine through. At Geoffrey Parker, we have over 65 years of working with other brands which is why it’s always been at the core of our business. Our very first board game was a commission by Dunhill the famous fashion brand so you could say corporate commissions are in our DNA.



We work with you to ensure your brand identity runs through our products. From customising one of our standard products to designing your own bespoke item.

Elliot Parker

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Custom Backgammon Set

Our stunning backgammon set can be customised in so many ways. From bespoke materials to hand-embossed logos and printed leathers. Our team of designers and craftsmen & women can bring your plans for a branded game to life. 

Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games | Corporate Chess Rolling Stones

Branded Chess Sets

Our chess sets are like no other; hand-carved chess pieces and the opportunity to add your brand identity in a multitude of places on the board.



Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games | Sunseeker Poker 2012 Em

Bespoke Poker Cases

Whether you’re looking for a poker case to be carried around or a luxury poker chest to show off the custom chips we can work with you to create your ideal set. From custom poker chips to bespoke playing cards our team of designers are here to help.

Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games | Gelnfiddich Whisky Case

Packaging & Presentation Boxes

Over our 65 year history Geoffrey Parker has been approached on several occasions to make luxury presentation boxes. From the Royal Mint, to the East India Company and Glenfiddich just to name a few. 

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Family Games

We’ve been customising family games like scrabble for over two decades. Share your brand history, corporate identity or celebrate a corporate birthday or big event with one of our bespoke family games.

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Corporate Gifting

When it comes to luxury corporate gifting, you have come to the right place; from a subtly branded gift for your CEO to a full range of branded products for you to supply your customers with.

White labeled products 

All of our products can be white labelled. Geoffrey Parker started as a board game company creating luxury board games on behalf of some of the world’s most famous brands and to this day we continue to be the trusted company behind the luxury brands.