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The Future Of Board Games

When people ask our directors what they do, many are surprised by the answer; they repeat “board games” as if they are speaking an archaic language. This surprise is often swiftly followed by interest, while the look of shock is replaced by excitement. Board games have been played for hundreds of years; some have even […]

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Custom Monopoly Sets – Geoffrey Parker

The History Monopoly as a board game has evolved from the very beginning; back in 1903 when the game was designed to explain the single tax theory of Henry George as an educational tool. From when the Parker Brothers began publishing Monopoly in 1935, it has been used for many different purposes and in multiple […]

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Top Backgammon Tips

In our business, we work closely with our customers to ensure they always receive a product they are totally happy with, from the high-quality finish to choosing their bespoke colour scheme. Our customers range from complete novices to championship winners; no matter where in the game our players are, they always ask for a few […]

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Backgammon World Championship

Geoffrey Parker has supported the Backgammon World Championship for many years; you can often find us at the competition checking in and keeping up to date with the players.

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“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”

When you think of Copenhagen I imagine you think of the statue of The Little Mermaid, the Amalienborg Palace or the Tivoli Gardens. Not Backgammon. However, each year around Easter when the city empties for the holiday break, hundreds of professional Backgammon players and enthusiasts descend upon the city for the annual Nordic Open; THE biggest Backgammon tournament in the world. The tournament director Steen Gronbech […]

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