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Carbon Fibre Backgammon Board

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Cutting edge and contemporary – our “carbon fibre” style leather backgammon boards look the part offering those who love the game, and the racetrack a way to combine their passions.

Available in traditional Black; Red; Silver; Yellow or chic Orange hides, our “Carbon fibre” effect leather is synonymous with life in the fast lane!
Elegant, striking and contemporary – these boards will add a cutting-edge feel to any setting. The Carbon Fibre is still leather, it is imprinted to look like carbon fibre giving the skin a beautiful texture & playing style.


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Carbon Fibre Backgammon Set

This stunning carbon fibre backgammon set is made for those who love racing and backgammon. We’re often seen supporting the World Backgammon Championships at The Fairmont Hotel in Monaco, so what better board to take on your trips to the home of the F1 than this stunning backgammon set.

Add a personal touch including a logo, initials or your name to the front of the case.

What’s in The Attaché Case?

  • Leather & Metal backgammon checkers
  • “Carbon Fibre” leather set
  • Checkers available in either Chrome or Gilt
  • A matching hand embossed leather doubling cube
  • Uncrushable dice cups, suede lined with trips to prevent foul play
  • 16mm ball cornered dice supplied
  • Pair of combination locks
  • Locks available in either Chrome or Gilt
  • Full leather hand stitched handle
  • Full leather playing board
  • Inlaid leather points
  • Available in five sizes
  • Leather colours available in Black, Orange, Red, Silver & Yellow
  • Handmade in England

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