Buckingham Palace Roulette

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Designed to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee; what could be more British than the iconic Buckingham Palace, home to the royal family.

Of course, it wouldn’t be aGeoffrey Parkerpiece without a few surprises……………….when lifting theSterling silverflag pole which is tipped with a Diamond and the Royal Stanard flag (which is always flown wherever the monarch is in residence) one removes the centre section of the “roof” revealing awooden Roulette wheel. This, in turn, allows access the east and west wings of the “roof” which are emblazoned with the Union Jack flag and when turned over reveal full Roulette layouts in gaming cloth and beneath leather-bound lift out trays for the2,400 professional casino clay chipsstowed neatly away. And of course, there is a Roulette marker and Croupier’s rake to complete all you need for the game.

The front of the “palace” is resplendent in the subtle tones ofPortland stonecomplete with sentries on guard and the iconic Royal balcony. Whilst the on the back and an often unseen view (unless you have been lucky enough to be invited to a Garden Party) is the garden view of the Palace.

And to entertain your guests, we have concealed within the wings of the “Palace” slide out drawers lined in finest Billiard cloth, a full compliment ofhand-cut British crystal stemwarein the form of two square spirit decanters with six matching glasses forwhiskeysetc., two splendid ship’s decanters forCognacandPort. Whilst the centre “balcony” section stows a facsimile of a Military drum which is anice bucketbestowed with theRoyal Household’s regaliaforChampagneand is surrounded by six Champagne flutes, two brandy balloons and a pair of port glasses.

The “Palace” sits on a raised plinth in Military maroon Billiard cloth simulatingThe Mall’scolour while also using the same cloth as has been used to makeMilitary dress uniformsfor the British Army for hundreds of years.


Produced to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee; our Buckingham Palace Roulette Table which converts into Roulette and drinks cabinet!

Modelled on HM The Queen’s most famous residence, Buckingham Palace, we have created a model version printed on leather. Measuring over 2 metres (6.5 ft) in length and over half a metre high (1.64 ft), this has been quite a mammoth task, taking over 3 months to handcraft.

Buckingham Palace Roulette Table

This large roulette table offers an example of what is possible with our advanced leather printing techniques; from creating a model of your own home to designing a box to suit your style. At Geoffrey Parker, we love a challenge so feel free to contact our team.


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