Bridle Hide Leather Backgammon Set

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Our Bridle Hide leather backgammon set is timelessly beautiful; handcrafted to age like a fine wine, this backgammon board will grow in character as it ages. The deep, rich navy of this leather backgammon board is contrasted with the gilt handle plates, locks and stone edge to enhance the colour combination and stand out from the crowd.

When you see our bridal hide range; think of the classically attired British businessman with their traditional and often battered and loved attaché case as they swing through the doors of their favourite gentleman’s club – for this is the style our Bridle hide backgammon range evokes.

This board can be supplied with either our chalk-white or marine blue stones as seen in the photos.


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Bridle Hide Leather Backgammon Set – Tournament

Our Bridle Hide leather backgammon is one of our most luxury backgammon sets. It uses a time-honoured and proven traditional vegetable tanned hide; used for centuries for saddles and horse bridles, hence the name. Often up to 5mm thick, it requires one of our experienced craftsmen to work the leather into an exceptional piece.
You will often find with our bridle hide leather backgammon set that we only use this beautiful leather for the outer cases. This is due to the white tallow beneath the colour, which will often come to the surface while we work and nurture the leather. This can be brushed away until the process is finished, however, it slows down Backgammon play.
We, therefore, twin it with our specially tanned Dauphin calf; this makes for a stunning contrast when opening the case and a speedy game.
Each case comes with
  • Leather & Metal Stones
  • Combination Locks
  • Precision Dice
  • Uncrushable Dice Cups
  • Dust Bag
Our luxury backgammon set in bridle hide offers a rich colour option, for those who want a board that really stands out.



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