Blackjack set

£3,025.00 GBP

A luxury attaché case with all one needs for an evening of Blackjack. 600 casino quality 100% clay poker chips, 4 decks of casino plastic coated poker size playing cards, metal and leather inlaid Dealer and Blind buttons and a specially printed casino gaming Blackjack layout cloth stowed within the lid of this handsome hand-bound Dauphin leather attaché case. Suede lined throughout, this set offers both Poker and Blackjack games in one.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
Estimated Delivery Week 18th May 2023 - 22nd May 2023

Transport your blackjack set in style; handmade to order in a colour to suit you.

Customise Your Luxury Blackjack Set

The combination locks secure one's precious chips; available in either chrome (silver colour) or gilt (gold colour) to match your chosen case colour.

A specially reinforced all leather hand stitched carrying handle is provided to give safe and comfortable carrying of this heavy piece. Four metal base studs prevent damage when left in a standing position. Our chips are pre-valued as follows but without denominations so they can be used for multi-currencies: "25" (white), "100" (red), "500" (blue), "1,000" (green) and ""5,000" (black).

Additional information

Weight11.5 kg
Dimensions40.1 × 39.3 × 8.8 cm


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