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Best Backgammon Board

Geoffrey Parker has been hand-making luxury backgammon boards since 1961; since then we have created backgammon boards for celebrities, luxury brands and interior designers presidents and royalty. Since the early 60s, Geoffrey Parker has become synonymous with luxury board games including backgammon; the high-quality backgammon boards we make by hand all feature the finest materials and are crafted by our master craftsmen and women.

You may find boards which look similar to a Geoffrey Parker board these days with the checkers laid out in the same way and the dice cups looking similar, over the years we have been flattered by other board makers and their desire to replicate our design. However, there’s something truly unique about a Geoffrey Parker backgammon board which unfortunately can’t be expressed through images on a website or through a description.

Our stunning boards feature something which no other brand can replicate though and that is the consistent, high-quality standard that our master craftsmen and women dedicate their working lives to achieving. Their passion to create something beautiful for each and every one of our customers shines through and stands out when you open one of our luxury backgammon sets.

Our boards also feature professional gaming elements including dice cups which prevent foul play, a super fast playing surface and perfectly weighted backgammon stones.

Our team are masters at joining leather seamlessly so that your board looks like a single piece of leather has been used to cover it; no stitching in sight other than the stunning full leather handle.

Handmade Backgammon Board

At Geoffrey Parker we pride ourselves on using the finest materials and craftsmanship; our talented craftsmen and women work for years to perfect the art of creating one of our luxury backgammon boards. With that in mind, we are also conscious of the world we live in;  where possible we try to source our components locally.

Our stunning backgammon boards are created to be used, loved and shared over centuries with many customers mentioning they have been handed down through the generations.

The reason this is possible is our master craftsmanship ensures each product that leaves our workshop is as perfect as possible; unlike a machine-built product, our boards are checked by the craftsman or woman that makes them and our quality control check before it leaves our workshops.

Our stunning backgammon sets aren’t just well made, they are crafted to suit your home, yacht, jet or chalet regardless of where you enjoy playing the game. Each bespoke board game we make is crafted to include your choice of colours we can add a handwritten note embossed on the cube, we can emboss each individual point, add a logo into the middle of the board and many more options.

Personalisations are our speciality; from white labelled boards for companies to graduation gifts and wedding gifts; as everything is handmade to order there is no fee for a one-off design, just the creation of the embossing dye.

With over 28,500 possible colour combinations for our luxury gaming leather alone, you won’t ever be short of colour options to choose from. If there’s nothing that suits your colour choices we also offer exotic leathers and have the facility to work with materials supplied by you. For example the leather in your private jet, the leather from your car seats and more.


If you would like to design a backgammon board for yourself please click here. If you would like any assistance or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on our live chat or contact us via the contact us page.