Batch Production

At Geoffrey Parker there’s no such thing as mass production; due to the hand made nature and the natural materials we use, no two products are ever identical. They may look exactly the same, however; leather, like our fingertips, has its own individual pattern.

We’re often asked to do batch production; our most recent project working with Balvanie Whiskey required 60 units per year to be made with an additional 40 units in the final year. These were made by our workshops by our team alongside our game production. While our core business involves custom projects and items designed to show individual customer styles, our craftsmen and women are trained to ensure each item is made in the exact same way every time.

The skills our craftsmen and women use have been handed down from Geoffrey Parker himself, with our workshop manager training each new generation to our exacting standards. Whether your packaging features hand stitching, full leather handles or exotic materials our team know and understand how to work with unusual materials.

We do batch production, not mass production.

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