Backgammon, the perfect distraction from life…

Sit down with one of the worlds best backgammon set makers and enjoy a game, there’s no better way to escape…

We all live in a hectic world; Geoffrey Parker was founded in the year 1958, 15 years before the mobile phone became popular and 18 years before the first Apple computer. Now, like most other companies we receive enquiries while we sleep and calls while we’re working; there aren’t many jobs these days that are truly 9-5, but we love what we do and couldn’t be more proud of how the company has grown over the past 60 years.

Still known as one of the worlds best backgammon set makers; Geoffrey Parker backgammons are still made in a very similar way as they were back in 1961. When you consider Dr Who hadn’t been broadcast at this point and man hadn’t landed on the moon. The games we produce have always offered a sense of escapism. Whether you play professionally or whether you’re looking for a way to put down your phone and take time for yourself.

Backgammon is a game which can be played over a glass of whiskey by the fire or with a cold beer on the beach. It’s a game you can play when you don’t want to be competitive, or you can raise the stakes and beat your opponent. It’s often said backgammon takes 10 mins to learn but a lifetime to perfect; for those who want a way to relax that isn’t the gym or yoga, backgammon can offer many of the same health benefits.

  • Backgammon, (and many other board games) is known to mentally stimulate you; they force your brain to work but in a relaxed manner.
  • It offers you time to relax when you aren’t thinking about day to day stresses and strains
  • It’s a great way to socialise with a friend in a relaxed environment
  • It’s a game you can learn to play with someone, building on skills and learning something new

Take time out of your week for yourself…

We took our new travel board to the local pub to try it out; we also had to teach a friend who’s never played backgammon before. Usually, it’s an evening of gossip, and a moan about general life gripes; but this week it was a game of backgammon, laughs and no thoughts of the weeks’ negativities. Our phones stayed in our bags; (other than for a quick photo) and the usual time for gossip was totally out the window.

A meet up which usually takes 45 mins to an hour, but this week it ended up being a few games of backgammon and totally losing track of the time. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the seat by the fire on this occasion; someone else was sat playing cards with a friend. As the bar slowly filled up during our game we noticed others watching us; it turns out we and the other couple in the bar were onto something. Unlike those who had just come in for a drink, our phones were away, our conversations flowed and we were completely content in our own little world.

So to those who have never played backgammon before; visit the UKBGF website for a quick guide on how to play. Grab a board and enjoy an evening of chilling out with a friend, you’ll remember it as one of the best nights you’ve had together!

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