Backgammon Setup – How to lay out a backgammon game

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Backgammon Setup

For new players learning the backgammon setup can be hard to remember. We have created the image on the right to help you learn to layout your backgammon set correctly & help you begin to learn and love the game.

Point Numbers

The image to the right is a backgammon set laid out with the stones placed on their respective points. This (without the cube placed at 64) is how a backgammon set should be laid out to start the game.

Checker Placement.

In order to start a game of backgammon, you’ll have to position your 15 checkers on the board. As illustrated, distribute 5 of your checkers onto your 6th point, 3 onto the 8th point, allocate another 5 onto the 13th point, and place the remaining 2 checkers onto the 24th point.

Direction of Play

You and your opponent will play the game in opposite directions, so your 1st point will be your oppositions 24th point. Once you have played the game a few times you’ll get used to it, the key is remembering how to lay out a backgammon board to begin the game.


Backgammon Setup | How To Setup A Backgammon

When you begin learning to play backgammon it can be a game which can appear quite intimidating. It’s a game which looks like no other; it’s steeped in history and you will often come across backgammon players who are confident in their ability. However, once you start to play this game and begin practising your strategy you will soon find it’s a game which will capture your heart.

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