Alligator Backgammon


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In either matte or gloss finish; top grade Alligator is simply gorgeous!

Our specialist team of master craftsmen who work on exceptional projects involving Alligator and other exotic skins; use their skills handed down from generation to generation to cut and handle these, often difficult, natural materials.

But despite this patient and exacting work, it all pays off in the end and produces a wonderful piece of craftsmanship which stands out in any crowd. There are many “mock-crocs” produced (some we have used for clients wanting the look without the cost) but there is nothing quite like the real thing which folk “in the know” will instantly recognise.

There are many materials we often put Alligator together with; from Shagreen, Ostrich, Water Snake and our Dauphin calf to compliment the Alligator if clients only require this for the case (it is not possible to obtain a perfectly flat playing field due to the scales on the skin, so a mix of other skins with Alligator or an entirely different field skin is often used for playability).

Please note that the lead time for articles like this is often 6 months due to the CITES regulations in the country of origin where the skins originate from and the other countries they have to pass through to arrive here in the UK and then again to be re-exported to their final destination. Do not worry, – our team handle this process regularly and you will only get involved at the final stage when these are processed by FedEx and your local customs.

Prices: Below is a rough idea of pricing, although skin prices vary depending on rarity, age and colour availability this will give you an idea of costs when twinned with other precious materials.

A firm cost will be given when our Special Commissions team know exactly what your requirements are and have sourced the specialist materials required for the job.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
Estimated Delivery Date 7th February 2022 - 9th February 2022

Handmade Alligator Backgammon

Due to the nature of the material and the bespoke nature of our products; our Alligator Backgammon can’t often be bought off the shelf. Perfection takes time, skilled craftsmen and Alligator, which we try not to hold in stock.

Large Backgammons often require Alligators over 50 years old so be able to achieve the cuts required for the cases, so that the spine of the skin follows the spine of the case exactly. Often many skins are required to make a board as there are areas which are unusable of where the scales are too hard to work into intricate areas or due to legs areas and other difficult parts of the skin being unsuitable for cutting.

We’ll always try to deliver the product in time for a special event; for those with a tight deadline please let our team know so we can work with you to achieve it.

Our Alligator backgammon has a super luxury feel; whether you’re looking to finish the interior with dauphin or shagreen, this backgammon board is truly exotic.

If you like this, you’ll love our super enriched version which is encrusted with diamonds or crystals.

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