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UKBGF Board Designer of the Year

This month we were delighted to hear that we’ve won the UKBGF backgammon ‘board designer of the year’ award! Although this isn’t the first time we’ve won we’re always over the moon; winning an award for our designs ensures we keep doing what we do best. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those […]

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Luxury Games | Luxury Monopoly

Luxury Goods, or Just Good Quality?

You’d be forgiven for struggling to tell the difference, so we decided to ask what truly makes a product luxury? Is it the diamonds, the exclusivity, the service or the quality of the product itself… At Geoffrey Parker, luxury games and products fit into all of these categories which is why we consider ourselves a […]

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Private Jet

The Future Of Board Games

When people ask our directors what they do, many are surprised by the answer; they repeat “board games” as if they are speaking an archaic language. This surprise is often swiftly followed by interest, while the look of shock is replaced by excitement. Board games have been played for hundreds of years; some have even […]

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Geoffrey Parker | Handmade Backgammon

6 Stages of Making a Luxury Backgammon Board

We’re often asked how long it will take for one of our backgammon boards to be delivered; a lot of the time we give a lead time of around 8-10 weeks but it can be quite tricky to predict. Lots go into your boards; including the skills of up to 4 craftsmen and women. Of […]

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Personalised Monopoly

Custom Monopoly Sets – Geoffrey Parker

The History Monopoly as a board game has evolved from the very beginning; back in 1903 when the game was designed to explain the single tax theory of Henry George as an educational tool. From when the Parker Brothers began publishing Monopoly in 1935, it has been used for many different purposes and in multiple […]

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8 Games Single Pedestal Table | Geoffrey Parker | Games Table

Game Tables, not just for man caves and games rooms

Man caves and games rooms have always been popular amongst our customers; interior designers and those who enjoy browsing games rooms on Pinterest. When you think of a man cave or games room you often think of a large space filled with arcade games, a big tv and the traditional board games and tables which […]

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Leather & Wood Backgammon Set

Top Backgammon Tips

In our business, we work closely with our customers to ensure they always receive a product they are totally happy with, from the high-quality finish to choosing their bespoke colour scheme. Our customers range from complete novices to championship winners; no matter where in the game our players are, they always ask for a few […]

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Luxury poker | Worlds Most Expensive Poker Set

World Famous Poker

Our poker boards are world famous for their quality, personalisation and luxurious design. World Famous Poker We’ve been making luxury games since 1958, with our extensive collection of exotic chess, backgammon and monopoly boards we’re also famous for one of the world’s most expensive poker sets. What’s the price of one of the world’s most […]

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We often find we’re featured in luxury magazines, and newspaper articles; so we’ve done our best to put together an archive. In here you’ll find magazines from Vogue to GQ which featured Geoffrey Parker and our games. If you’d like to feature our brand in a magazine, newspaper, tv program, film or photo shoot please […]

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How We Produce Our Luxury Backgammons | Geoffrey parker | Luxury Backgammon

How We Make Our Backgammons…

How We Make Our Backgammon Boards… Have you ever been curious as to how we make our world famous backgammon sets? Check out our feature on the TV show Wicked Inventions where a film crew followed every stage of our craftsmen building one of our award-winning backgammon sets.

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