The Future Of Geoffrey Parker


Third Generation

A few words from Elliot Parker – Third Generation

From back when I was only ten years old I remember helping out in the workshop with a few small tasks here and there. Venturing into the odd exhibition in London and moving further afield as I aged; I subliminally became immersed into the world of luxury board games and the prestigious clientele that come with it.

At the age of nineteen, I joined Geoffrey Parker on a temporary basis with my workload, responsibilities and influence in the company increased over the years, now Max, & I, work side by side to design our signature games and develop new and exciting ideas for you all to enjoy.

Our relationship between father & son continues to strengthen, with Max moving into more of the design work he has become so well renowned for in the British Interior Design circle. And with myself dragging Geoffrey Parker into the modern-day; utilising the internet and social media to our advantage – but rest assured we will keep our traditional values!

Our ethos is very simple here at Geoffrey Parker; we use the best craftspeople and materials to make the best games in the world. An item which will most probably outlive you & I, an heirloom from our family to yours. We’d be delighted to assist you with any commission you have in mind if it is something unusual don’t be shy, we love a challenge.

I look forward to hearing from you in the coming years, even if it is just for a chat or advice. Just be warned I know a lot about games so you might be on the phone for a while! I guess you could say luxury board games are in my blood.


Sales Director


Second Generation

A few words from Max Parker – Second Generation

I have to say there were times a few years ago when I thought our type of handwork; especially when it is undertaken in England rather than some distant clime, was no longer required. Of course in those days, we were made mainly for the big luxury brands whose focus was changing from being product-led, to now being run by accountants with profit as their main focus. So as this trend grew; cheaper materials and overseas production were sought, less variety was offered and bespoke became something of a dirty word in the quest for larger profits.

I was convinced that “our customer”; the one who appreciated articles of fine intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and traditional skills handed down from generation to generation, was still out there. Frustrated at how the brands they had so loyally supported had turned their back on the product for profit, and now sought their sales from new emerging markets.

Little did we know or expect, that new technology would “save the day” for us. The growth of the internet enabled us as a small unknown brand, with a well-known product; to be on an even Keil as the “big boys”. Customers were able to find us; once an impossible task as our work was often hidden behind the logos of others. Our customers became our voice in marketing ourselves, rather than competing in glossy magazines of the traditional media.

The Future

So it is with a very happy heart I look forward to the recognition which is gradually coming our way; we’ve stuck to our ethos and not wavered in our quest for quality. To this day we still use only the best materials available; twinning these with the most skilled of craftsmen and women. Our customer base is occupied by those that recognise excellence, and want to surround themselves and their friends with articles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform as they should.

I hope you will continue to enjoy our creations for many a year to come and thank you for your continued and most valued support.


Retired Chairman, Designer & Managing Director