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Geoffrey Parker has been producing luxury games & leather backgammon sets for over 60 years; we have a huge array of luxury backgammon and custom games  & gifts for you to choose from.

All of our products are bespoke, so if there’s something you require, don’t hesitate to ask.

Luxury Games, Custom Backgammon, poker & More

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, home of luxury games & leather backgammon sets for 60+ years; our luxury collection of traditional board games includes luxury backgammon sets, custom poker sets, luxury chess and many more perfect for a luxury games room. 
Handmade to order in the UK, our luxury backgammon sets, games tables, and traditional games are made with the finest materials by our talented craftsmen & women. Since 1958 Geoffrey Parker has become synonymous with luxury and quality games; a Geoffrey Parker luxury game is a piece of craftsmanship like nothing else, built to last & crafted to encapsulate your design, colours and personalisation.

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Handmade in England

Geoffrey Parker

At Geoffrey Parker, everything is handmade from the stitching on the handles to the perfectly inlaid leather on our luxury leather backgammon set.

Our luxury family business has been handmaking board games and passing down these techniques for generations. We like to consider it a lost art; where our team can switch off from technology each day and focus on something they love.

In our experience these traditional methods produce the finest quality, this means our boards last a life time, they look luxurious and they tell a story of the hand that crafted them.

Geoffrey Parker, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games


Your board game should be unique; it’s a time where you play with loved ones and strangers alike. For this reason we want to really help you to personalise your board which is why we include FREE embossing with Times New Roman font on all our custom boards.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship our products worldwide on priority delivery. This usually means it’s at your door 24 hours after we ship it. However, customs hold-ups and delays can happen. Import duties and taxes are your responsibility but we’ll try and make the process as simple as possible.

Gift Wrapping

We’ve started to gift wrap our products. We will dispatch your item where possible in one of our luxury black packaging boxes. We know you may want to store your product in this box but we’d always encourage you to enjoy and display it in all its beauty.

What Our Customers Think

Let us know what you think! We love to hear what our customers think about our products; it means a lot when our staff can hear how much joy a product has given someone. Our craftsmen and women will spend days and weeks on a single item, crafting it to perfection so it’s great when a customer shares their review and we’re able to pass this onto the craftsman or woman who produced the item. If you’d like to leave us a review please use the button below.

Dear Elliot, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how totally thrilled I am with the Scrabble and Backgammon set that I was surprised with this Christmas! The quality, workmanship, colours and style are superb and we are just delighted as this piece will become a much-admired family heirloom. Many thanks for a fabulous product.
Geoffrey Parker, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games
This beautifully crafted backgammon board has been a treasured possession for nearly 40 years. It has been much used and hugely appreciated by both young and old, and no doubt will continue to do so for many years to come.
Geoffrey Parker, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games
London, UK

Geoffrey Parker

Since 1958 we’ve been hand making luxury games including custom chess set’s which was our first product, swiftly followed by backgammon, poker and a range of bespoke family games including custom monopoly.

Luxury Games

Our team still work using the same traditional techniques, many of which were handed down from Geoffrey himself. Our workshops are still based in the shadow of his family home and it’s still run by Parker family members.

Order early

At Geoffrey Parker all of our luxury games are handmade to order; this means we can create as many, or as few bespoke items as you like. However, our luxury games do take time to handcraft so whether you’re ordering a luxury backgammon set or a custom poker set. We do advise all customers to order as early as possible. If you are purchasing for a birthday or an event and have left it to the last moment, please still get in touch and we will see if we can help in any way. While we’ve recently become more modern and allowed our customers to purchase online, we do still require some traditional communication to ensure your luxury game is exactly as you imagined.

Ordering With Geoffrey Parker

Once you place your order we’ll be in touch to confirm it and work with you on colours, personalisations and more. During normal circumstances, we often welcome our customers to our workshops to see the team at work, view the products first hand and choose colours in person. However, due to Covid-19 this is currently on hold to keep both customers and staff safe during this unusual time. To find out more about Geoffrey Parker and our family business history please visit our about page.