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Luxury Board Games

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker; makers of the world’s finest board games. Handmade in England, Geoffrey Parker is home to award-winning luxury backgammon sets, games tables and more…

All products can be made bespoke.







Luxury Backgammon Board | Leather Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon Set | Bridle Hide Backgammon

Luxury Backgammon Sets

Award-winning, luxury backgammon set handmade in England. Order Bespoke designs

Luxury Scrabble Set | Custom Scrabble | Luxury Board Game

Luxury Scrabble Sets

Luxury Scrabble Sets handmade in our finest gaming leather. Wine and Tobacco Stain resistant

Poker Chest | Poker Set

Luxury Poker Sets

Introducing our incredible poker sets & chests Custom made to order in our full range of leathers including our super traditional bridle hide and our stunning gaming leathers. Order in stock or bespoke.

Custom Chess Set | Luxury Chest | Bespoke Chess Set | Leather Chess Set

Handcrafted Chess Sets

Our stunning chess sets are hand-crafted and set on an array of boards from luxury plinths to double-sided boards for dual-purpose games like backgammon.

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Games Tables

Our games tables can be purchased off the shelf, or custom games tables can be created for you or designed by you. Our full range of games can be featured in your games table including roulette, poker and more.

Luxury Game Cube | Bespoke Board Game | Games Table | Board Games

Family Games

Our stunning chess sets are hand-crafted and set on an array of boards from luxury plinths to double-sided boards for dual-purpose games like backgammon.

Luxury Board Games

Made In England
Founded in 1958; Geoffrey Parker is now world-famous for producing high-quality luxury board games. Our range of award-winning products includes our luxury backgammon sets and professional poker sets.

Geoffrey Parker founded his company in 1958 following his time in the RAF during WW2. Settling in rural Essex Geoffrey decided to combine his love of literature with his love of leatherwork. He began creating miniature leather-bound books on the side while running a rare bread pig farm. In his spare time, he was selling books to famous brands including Dunhill.

Since then the company has grown to become a third-generation family-run business. We are now world famous for our high quality, professional, luxury backgammon set, luxury board games and games tables handmade in England.

Geoffrey first created our leather backgammon set in 1961. Since then, the company has expanded to include family favourites like Scrabble and Chess. We have also included Casino classics like Poker and Roulette.
The company is now in its third generation, yet it still thrives on the same ethos as when it first started. Today, it’s run by Elliot Parker; Geoffrey’s grandson. He still champions high-quality, exquisite craftsmanship and market-leading designs like his father and grandfather.
Over the company’s 65-year history, we’ve had the pleasure of supplying some of the world’s most famous brands including Aspinal of London, David Linley, Aston Martin, Bentley, and many more.

How It wORKS

Bespoke Board Games

All of our games can be created in a range of colours. Our bespoke service isn’t limited to games for any bespoke leatherwork please get in touch.



Our team are always on hand to help you with the design process. With decades of experience, we can guide you through your custom commission journey.


Choose from our wide range of board games, select one of the styles you like and begin customising. Or, if you would like something totally unique, get in touch!


Once your design is signed off we’ll begin work, our talented team of craftsmen and women will begin hand crafting your personal design.

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Handmade In England

Everything we produce is made with love. Our team of talented craftsmen use specialist hand tools to fine edge, stitch and emboss every item they produce. Our handles are 100% leather and hand stitched to ensure its strength.

Our talented team are masters in their craft, while we specialise in luxury board games, we have been approached to make other leather goods as our team are specialists at creating near invisible joins. Did you know it takes between 5-7 years to train our craftsmen and women to our high standards. Geoffrey had a passion for high-quality leather products; each member of the team holds themselves to these same standards.

For those looking for something unique, we specialise in bespoke products and often turn our hand to other custom leather work. At Geoffrey Parker, we’ve been known to produce luxury watch boxes, luxury packaging and many more specialist items.