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Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, home of luxury games for 60+ years. Our luxury collection of traditional board games includes custom backgammon sets, bespoke poker sets, luxury chess and many more, perfect for a luxury games room.

 Handmade to order in the UK, our luxury backgammon sets, games tables, and traditional games are made with the finest materials by our talented craftsmen & women. Since 1958 Geoffrey Parker has become synonymous with luxury and quality games; a Geoffrey Parker luxury game is a piece of craftsmanship like nothing else, built to last & crafted to encapsulate your design, colours and personalisations.


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About Geoffrey Parker

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, the home of luxury games, custom backgammon and luxury backgammon; created bespoke to order for your gaming pleasure. All of our products are made in England at our Essex based workshops.
Geoffrey Parker Games was href=”https://www.geoffreyparker.com/geoffreys-life/”>founded in 1958 and quickly became world famous for our luxury games. To this day the core mission of the business has always stayed the same; our attention to detail and dedication to high-quality workmanship was passed down from Geoffrey himself.
At Geoffrey Parker we love to see the joy our luxury games bring to our customers, using the finest materials and utilising the skills of our highly trained workmen & women ensures our products have become world famous. We work closely with all of our customers to ensure the final designs exceed expectations; whether you’re designing a bespoke product for a gift or for your home our designers work with you every step of the way.
We’re proud makers of the worlds finest games; at Geoffrey Parker we are possibly most known for our luxury backgammon sets and our custom backgammon. However, out luxury games aren’t limited to this our range also includes:Personalised Monopoly / Luxury Monopoly,Luxury Chess sets,Personalised Backgammon / Custom Backgammon,Luxury Games Table,Super Luxury Poker Set,Luxury Trivial Pursuit,Leather Cluedo, Luxury Travel Games

id=”h-geoffrey-parker-luxury-games-handmade-in-england”>Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games, Handmade In England

At Geoffrey Parker of our games are handmade in England, we still operate from the same location where the business was founded in href=”http://www.geoffreyparker.co.uk/our-history/”>1958. Originally an old piggery, Geoffrey converted the building into a workshop for his leather book business; for that reason, the company address has always been Piglets Corner, href=”https://www.wimbish.org.uk/”>Wimbish Although we’re in our third generation of Parker, we have no intention of moving from the premises; it offers a beautiful backdrop for those wishing to choose their boards or colours in person.We’re conveniently located just off of the M25 motorway, and about 20 minutes from Stansted Airport; perfect for our customers travelling from homes around the globe.

id=”h-luxury-games-a-luxury-brand”>Luxury Games, A Luxury Brand

Privacy is also a key element of our business; many of our customers live their lives in the public eye which is why our team are always happy to sign an NDA to put your mind at ease. It’s also important to us to ensure our customers are completely comfortable working with our team on private projects; for this reason, we’re always more than happy to use an alias or secretary’s name for the order.We also like to inform our customers of the long lead time, unfortunate, it’s not something we can speed up due to the training required to reach Geoffrey Parker standards. Although we have a long lead time on our products it’s due to the bespoke nature;  everything we make is handmade which slows the process down.

id=”h-what-makes-geoffrey-parker-luxury-games-so-unique”>What Makes Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games So Unique

At Geoffrey Parker, no two products are the same; from the natural leather which is always unique to the design, personalisation and colour options.Our luxury games make for the perfect personalised gift, for a wedding, birthday or anniversary; alternatively, our compendia and game cubes make the perfect yacht accessories or jet accessories.  All of our luxury games are handmade to order, we’re world famous for our professional luxury backgammon chess and poker.With a vast range of colour options available on all of our games our luxury, bespoke products are one of a kind.

id=”h-luxury-backgammon-luxury-chess-and-luxury-poker”>Luxury Backgammon, Luxury Chess and Luxury Poker

id=”h-custom-backgammon”>Custom Backgammon

At Geoffrey Parker, we’re possibly most known for our Custom Backgammon Set, handmade in our English Workshops we’re the board maker of choice for many professional players. With over 28,500 possible colour combinations we have plenty of choice for those who wish to design their own board.

id=”h-professional-chess”>Professional Chess

We’re also very well known as makers of some of the worlds finest chess boards; we’re most proud of supplying the board for the famous Spassky vs Fischer chess match in 1972.


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