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Luxury Board Games

Luxury Board Games

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Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, home of luxury board games, luxury backgammon sets, custom poker sets and more. Since 1958 we have been handmaking luxury leather board games in England using traditional techniques.


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Luxury Backgammon Set

Since 1961 Geoffrey Parker has been handmaking luxury backgammon sets for customers around the world.

Tournament Backgammon 

Geoffrey Parker has a reputation for creating the finest tournament and competition boards on the market. We carefully examine every aspect of the board game, including the game board, dice cups, dice, and rules.

We pay close attention to the details of the game board. We also focus on the design and quality of the dice cups. Additionally, we ensure that the dice are precision. Lastly, all our tournament and competition size boards are championship compliant.

Travel Backgammon

We created a travel backgammon set that has all the features of a full-sized Geoffrey Parker board. The set is smaller in size, making it easy to take with you on trips.


Travel Backgammon Set | Geoffrey Parker Travel Backgammon | Small Backgammon Set
Luxury Chess Set | Custom Chess Set | Luxury Chess Board | Custom Chess Board | Designer Chess Set | Leather Chess Set

Luxury Chess Sets

The company has been handcrafting luxury chess sets since 1958. Geoffrey Parker continues to make custom chess sets for prestigious brands like Aspinal of London and David Linley, which we consider a privilege and a testament to our brand.

Our team are masters in the art of inlaying, creating the perfect playing surface for a chess set. Start designing yours today with our selection of bespoke wooden boards to our famous leather chess sets.


Poker, Roulette & Blackjack

Design a luxury poker set tailored to your personal preference, whether you favour a customised set in a briefcase or a lavish chest capable of holding a large quantity of chips.

Include custom poker chips, logos, initials and more. The possibilities are endless.

Professional Poker Set | Luxury Poker | Geoffrey Parker
Luxury Games Table | Custom Games Table | Poker Table | Casino Table
Luxury Games Table | Luxury Games Tables | Custom Games Table

Custom Games Tables

Pack your custom games table with luxury versions of your favourite games! From backgammon boards to custom chess and poker. Include roulette, bridge and more.

Choose from our pre-designed luxury games tables or design your own alongside our team of designers. Conceal our games tables as coffee tables or feature them proudly in your games room as casino tables. Each table is custom-made to order, you can create something that suits your needs.

Luxury Games Table | Luxury Games Tables | Custom Games Table

Custom Monopoly & Scrabble

Introducing our most customisable board game – our custom monopoly set. Each board is handmade in England and customised to meet your specific requirements including custom playing tokens.

Monopoly is available in various versions, including an extra luxury custom board adorned with diamonds, rubies, and 24-karat gold. For those looking for something more modest, we offer two additional styles. The first one is our hand-inlayed leather board, where we hand-emboss each street before inlaying it to create a perfect playing surface. he second option is a printed board, which still provides a touch of luxury with pewter playing pieces and custom streets printed on leather.

Luxury Monopoly Set | Custom Monopoly Set | Custom Monopoly Board | Luxury Monopoly Board
Custom Monopoly | Millionaire Monopoly | Custom Monopoly
Custom Board Games

Handmade In England

Geoffrey Parker founded the company in 1958. Since then, we have become world-famous for high-quality luxury board games. Our range of award-winning products includes our luxury backgammon and professional poker sets. Above all, our products are handmade in England.

Geoffrey Parker founded his company in 1958 following his time in the RAF during WW2. Settling in rural Essex, Geoffrey begins to combine his love of literature with his love of leatherwork.

His passion, however, first led him to create miniature leather-bound books. 

Since then, the company has grown and is now a family business known for luxury chess sets,  & designer board games.

We are now world famous for our high quality, professional classic games and games tables custom made to order. 

Custom Monopoly | Millionaire Monopoly | Custom Monopoly
Handmade | Bespoke Board Games Craftsmanship | Leather Backgammon Set

Custom Board Games

At Geoffrey Parker, all our luxury games are handmade to order. You can customise all our games, including colour choices and design. The price displayed on our website includes colour choices and Times New Roman embossing. For those looking to commission something something a little different please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Made In England


Since 1958, we have been handcrafting leather board games in our English workshops in Essex. We make all our board games in-house using traditional leathercraft techniques and the best materials to ensure top quality products.




Worldwide Delivery


We offer free delivery on all our board games over £200. We typically ship items in stock within 24 hours on business days. Your product should arrive worldwide within 3-7 days, depending on import and customs processing times.

We will quote and calculate the shipment cost of our games tables during the design process.



Embossing & Gifting


All our products can include embossing using times new roman font. If you require something special, such as a handwritten note, specific font, or logo, there will be an extra cost. This cost covers the embossing die and artwork.​

All our items are gift-wrapped in our luxury boxes ideal as the perfect luxury gift.

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