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Welcome To Geoffrey Parker, Luxury Games

Welcome to Geoffrey Parker, home of luxury games & leather backgammon sets for 60+ years; our luxury collection of traditional board games includes luxury backgammon sets, custom poker sets, luxury chess and many more perfect for a luxury games room.

Handmade to order in the UK, our luxury backgammon sets, games tables, and traditional games are made with the finest materials by our talented craftsmen & women. Since 1958 Geoffrey Parker has become synonymous with luxury and quality games; a Geoffrey Parker luxury game is a piece of craftsmanship like nothing else, built to last & crafted to encapsulate your design, colours and personalisation.

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Popular Products

Handmade To Order
  • Bridle Hide Backgammon Set – Stock Item

    £5,150.00 GBP

    Our Bridle Hide backgammon set is timelessly beautiful. Think of the classically attired British businessman with their traditional and often battered and loved attaché case as they swing through the doors of their favourite gentleman’s club – for this is the style our Bridle hide backgammon range evokes.

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    Design Your Backgammon
  • Challenge Backgammon Set

    £4,800.00 GBP

    Looking to gift a Geoffrey Parker Challenge Size Backgammon Set?

    We don’t often have backgammons in stock as we love creating our sets bespoke for each of our customers but this Christmas we’ve created 4 special sets to ensure you don’t miss out this year. Handmade to order this luxury slate leather and metal attache backgammon set is ready for priority delivery so for those last-minute gifts or for those who just can’t wait for a Geoffrey Parker.

    Although our stock items can’t be customised they are made to the same high-quality luxury standards Geoffrey Parker is known for. If you’d like to customise a board it will take between 8-12 weeks to be delivered but you will have a choice of over 28,500 possible colour combinations. Click here to design yours.

    We only have 1 of each item in stock so once they have been sold, we won’t be able to make another for 8-12 weeks.

    • Leather & Metal backgammon checkers
    • Uncrushable dice cups, suede-lined with trips to prevent foul play
    • 16mm ball cornered dice supplied
    • Pair of combination locks
    • Full leather hand-stitched handle
    • Full leather playing board
    • Inlaid leather points
    • Stitching on top & bottom
    • Specially tanned gaming leather
    • Handmade in England

    Backgammon Sizes in MM   Backgammon Sizes in Inches

  • Domino & Cribbage Set

    £630.00 GBP

    Simple yet elegant; our collection of Domino boxes are all you need for an evening of fun with friends. Geoffrey Parker offers two types of leather-bound boxes, our sole luxury Domino box or a  Domino & Cribbage set. Our Domino & Cribbage set is supplied in two versions; one with acrylic pegs and the other with luxury sterling silver & silver gilt pegs. All sets are handmade with felt interiors and non-slip suedette bases.

  • Espresso Brown Tournament Backgammon

    £4,900.00 GBP

    Order a luxury leather backgammon board today

    Whether you’re looking for Christmas, a birthday or valentines this luxury Geoffrey Parker backgammon is available on priority delivery.

    Made using our finest calf leather, this tournament size backgammon set is our second largest board. With a set of gilt & leather 44.5mm (1.75″) diameter checkers & matching doubling cube. Designed for gaming, our unique leather is super-fast, wine & tobacco stain resistant. As a result, it makes the ideal material for late night gaming. This sumptuous material adorns a pair of uncrushable dice cups, suede lined to deaden noise with special leather trips to prevent foul play.

    Combine the above with a set of matching gilt combination locks. An example of exquisite craftsmanship in our full leather, hand stitched handle. Along with a set of 16mm ball cornered precision dice because we know the minor details can also be the most important.

  • Exotic Watersnake Backgammon – Stock

    £5,800.00 GBP

    Order Today For Priority Delivery

    Our exotic watersnake backgammon is a gift like no other; handmade to order using our traditional inlaying techniques. This stunning board features a navy blue watersnake case with turquoise and natural points.

    This exceptional backgammon is in our challenge size featuring our luxury leather & metal cube and stunning leather and metal stones.

    • Full Water Snake backgammon set
    • Inlaid Water Snake points
    • Chrome checkers
    • Matching giant doubling cube
    • No stitching to slow play
    • Pair of uncrushable dice cups, suede lined with trips
    • 16mm ball cornered dice
    • Chrome combination locks
    • Handstitched leather handle
    • Leather case
    • Handmade in England

    Backgammon Sizes in MM   Backgammon Sizes in Inches

  • Luxury Chess Set (Printed)

    £1,255.00 GBP


    Our luxury chess set is perfect for a player of any skill level; for those who love a game in the evening to those who play competitively.

    Handmade in our Essex workshops these stunning and vibrant chess set are nothing short of beautiful; created to stay on display they can take pride of place in your living room inviting everybody to play.


    This stunning board features our classic Staunton chess set which works harmoniously with this beautiful piece of leatherwork. This luxury chess board features a printed leather chess board with a 51mm chequer sits inside the plinth which then is lifted up to store the 3.75″ triple weighted chessmen stowed snugly in their individual black felt compartments.

    As with all our products, this board is handmade to order. This enables us to offer a high level of customisation, but it does take time to make.

    3.75 Triple Weighted Staunton Chess 

Handmade To Order

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Geoffrey Parker

Since 1958 Geoffrey Parker have been hand-making luxury games including custom chess set’s which was our first product, swiftly followed by backgammon, poker and a range of bespoke family games including custom monopoly.

Luxury Games

Our team still work using the same traditional techniques, many of which were handed down from Geoffrey himself. Our workshops are still based in the shadow of his family home and it’s still run by Parker family members.

Order early

At Geoffrey Parker all of our luxury games are handmade to order; this means we can create as many, or as few bespoke items as you like. However, our luxury games do take time to handcraft so whether you’re ordering a luxury backgammon set or a custom poker set. We do advise all customers to order as early as possible.
If you are purchasing for a birthday or an event and have left it to the last moment, please still get in touch and we will see if we can help in any way. While we’ve recently become more modern and allowed our customers to purchase online, we do still require some traditional communication to ensure your luxury game is exactly as you imagined.

Ordering With Geoffrey Parker

Once you place your order we’ll be in touch to confirm it and work with you on colours, personalisations and more.

To find out more about Geoffrey Parker and our family business history please visit our about page.

Due to the natural materials we work with there are often slight differences between the sizes; these are usually between 1 and 5mm. Below is a guide to the sizes of our board and what you can expect. The checkers and dice cups are sized to fit within the board but if you have special requirements please get in touch.

Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 51mm
Board Closed: 650mm x 410mm x 85mm
Board Open: 83omm x 65omm x 48mm.

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 44.5mm
Board Closed: 605mm x 375mm x 85mm
Board Open: 760mm x 61omm x 48mm

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 38mm
Board Closed: 517mm x 335mm x 85mm
Board Open: 680mm x 520mm x 48mm

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 32mm
Board Closed: 415 x 297 x 85mm
Board Open: 610mm x 420mm x 48mm

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 25.4mm
Board Closed: 325mm x 228mm x 60mm
Board Open: 460mm x 330mm x 30mm

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Due to the natural materials we work with there are often slight differences between the sizes; these are usually between 1 and 5mm. Below is a guide to the sizes of our board and what you can expect. The checkers and dice cups are sized to fit within the board but if you have special requirements please get in touch.

Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 2″
Board Closed: 25.59″ x 16.14″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 32.67″ x 25.59″ x 3.34″

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.75″
Board Closed: 23.81″ x 14.76″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 29.92″ x 24.01″ x 1.88″

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.49″
Board Closed: 20.35″ x 13.19″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 26.7″ x 20.47″ x 1.88″

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.26″
Board Closed: 16.33″ x 11.69″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 24.01″ x 16.53″ x 1.88″

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 1
Board Closed: 12.79″ x 8.97″ x 2.36″
Board Open: 18.11″ x 12.99″ x 0.11″

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