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Trivial Pursuit® Mat

Our printed leather mat is a more space conscious version of our luxury Trivial Pursuit® sets.

Cutting the extra work of binding our leather onto a wooden board and constructing a leather tray - our Trivial Pursuit® Mat offers the same playing board experience but without the embellishments of our more involved designs. A printed leather playing "board" is backed with luxurious suede (real suede not suedette or similar) which gives it a super-luxury feel and also a good weight which keeps the "board" flat whilst in play and non-slip.

The mat is supplied in a handmade cardboard presentation box felt lined and recessed for the question card packs, acrylic pies/segments; dice and rules etc.

Size and price:

Price in GB Pounds Sterling.


Approximately 500 mm sq or 19.68" square.



(# O-TP/Mat).

Making time, approximately 6-10 weeks.


If you have any questions or queries about our luxury Trivial Pursuit sets, please, do not hesitate to contact one of our craftsmen. 

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