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Luxury Games Collection

Travel Backgammon

For lovers of this ancient game who just can't leave their board at home, we have a range of luxury editions to cover all requirements for those on the move.


Professional Roll-Up Backgammon Sets

Forget the unplayable roll-ups on the market - no serious player will use these - Geoffrey Parker has created a hard-sided roll-up backgammon!

Hand-Size Backgammon Set

Created for travellers aboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express train.

Compact Travel Backgammon Sets

The perfect attaché size backgammon for travel, when only the finest bespoke luxury backgammon will do!

Ultra-Slim Chess/Backgammon Sets

Whilst this slim piece mainly focuses on Chess and Backgammon it also allows for Draughts or Checkers to be played.
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