Games Tables Collection

Thirty-Three Multi Game Table

If you are looking for the World's most extensive gaming table - look no further!

Some statement but we haven't found one from anywhere else with more than the thirty-three games we've included in this contemporary table we have designed and built - we can make it with any number of the games included and in any of our Dauphin calf leather colours - with or without stainless steel trim.


The 33 games are neatly stored away in the cupboard below the contemporary stainless steel trimmed leather table-top. The table reveals it's hidden secrets by simply pivoting the centre panel which then reveals a Whengi balanced Roulette Wheel. Above this suede lined space one can install the printed leather game boards from the cupboard below which include:

Traditional family favourites:






Trivial Pursuit®

Cluedo® (Clue® in the US).

Children's games:

Snakes & Ladders (Shute's & Ladders in the US)


Tiddly Winks

Casino games:




Then there are a further 20 games, puzzles and card games included within the drawers.


The table itself can be built in any of our Dauphin calf leather colours to order (see swatches below) and can be made with or without the stainless steel trim if so desired? If you require hand inlaid leather game boards as opposed to the printed edition, please contact our Special Commissions Department at this link. Any personalisation such as a custom edition of the Monopoly® board or initials, logos or a Coat of Arms can also be address

We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
Please when emailing your enquiry, indicate which size you require.