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Luxury Games Collection

Table-Top Backgammon Sets

Originating due to demands for table-top backgammon boards from the many gaming clubs and casinos we have supplied over the past 45 years and from aficionados of the game who play so much that their board is hardly ever not being used. These folding table top boards do not compromise on any aspect of quality or specification to those of their attaché case counterparts. There are, like the attaché case versions; five specifications to choose from & over 28,500 possible colour combinations ensuring you can design a truly bespoke backgammon set. 

Full Leather Table-Top Backgammon

A beautiful, luxury, full leather table-top backgammon set for the aficionado & professional.

Leather/Metal Table-Top Backgammon

A table-top edition of our signature leather & metal, luxury backgammon board.

Mediterranean Class Table-Top Backgammon Sets

Let the sounds of the Souk echo in the room on our exquisite wooden table-top bespoke backgammon sets.

Leather & Acrylic Table-Top Backgammon

Our luxury table-top backgammon set with acrylic checkers for the avid player.

Billiard Cloth & Acrylic Table-Top Backgammon

Look no further for a bespoke table-top Backgammon one would often see in a London gentleman's club setting.
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