Luxury Games Collection

Staunton Chess Cabinets

A traditional approach to the beautiful game of chess; our chess cabinets provides a luxury housing for your precious chessmen.

Bound by hand in our English country workshops in your choice of leather colours, felt lined with chrome lift catches & a non-slip base.

A matching inlaid leather chessboard can be supplied to compliment the cabinet beautifully. Below are prices in GB Pounds Sterling for this luxury cabinet with the following chess sets:


CLUB CLASS: Boxwood Staunton chessmen with a 95.25 mm / 3.75" sized King.

£1,075 (# B-57-535/Club).


SPASSKY & FISCHER: The chessmen are a replica from Jaques of London of the set used in the famous 1972 "Match of the Century" between American's Bobby Fischer and Russia's Boris Spassky which has an 89 mm/ 3.5" King and is made of solid Ebony and Boxwood.

£1,375 (# R-57-535/S&F).


CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS: A stunning handcarved Staunton set echoing the beauty of the original 1849 design but updating it for Championship play today.  102 mm / 4.0" King size, triple weighted available in Rosewood and Boxwood or Ebony and Boxwood.

£1,495 (# B-57-535/Champ).


The below colour swatch illustrates the thirteen leather colours available to you for your custom chess set; our leather is specially designed for chess, it is super-fast, wine & tobacco stain resistant - ideal for a night of gaming! If you would like real swatches of our leather & more information, please, do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen. 


We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
Please when emailing your enquiry, indicate which size you require.