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Roulette Drum

A stunning table-top presentation of all one needs for a night of Roulette.

Bound by hand in any of our Dauphin calf leathers, this lavish "drum" houses a 36 cm (14") diameter Whengi Roulette wheel with nickel centre. Surrounded by 20 rows of 10 gm (0.25 lbs) chips (blank both sides) totalling 600 in all, set into sumptuous suede.

Also stowed within the base are 2 Roulette balls and a "win" marker. In the lid, a Roulette layout gaming cloth and an extending Croupier's rake.


Size: approx 625 mm dia x 200 mm high (25.4" dia x 7.9"), net wt 23.20 Kilos or 50 lbs.




# B-97/Nkl In Dauphin calf leather GB Pounds Sterling £3,850 (see colours below)

# B-97/Nkl-Auto In semi-perforated Automotive hide GB Pounds Sterling £4,045 (available in red or black)


 Dauphin calf leather colours:




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