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Professional Roll-Up Backgammon Sets

Forget the unplayable roll-ups on the market - no serious player will use these - Geoffrey Parker has created a hard-sided roll-up backgammon!

Back in 1961 when we first started making Backgammon, we had an idea for rolling up our boards for travel but as inlayers of leather and not stitchers, we could see no way of doing this without the inlays lifting. Fast forward 50 years and whilst working on our family board games with new technology that allowed us to print on leather; suddenly we realised that our design could now work.

Having seen the proliferation of so many "gift" editions of roll-ups come onto the market but with no possible serious interest to professional player on the move and with playability always at the forefront of our designs, - our series of Professional Roll-ups were designed to have leather-bound hard side walls, just like our attaché cased sets. These; along with a proper "bar" magnetise strongly together to form a solid and rigid frame which stretches the printed leather playing field taught.

Once rolled up, the "board" and walls stow neatly within a felt drawstring bag which also houses acrylic stones/checkers, dice and doubling cube. Although we can make dice cups as an extra, we feel that the main point of the board is to keep it as light and easily stowable as possible within one's luggage; and we assume that obtaining a glass or similar from the local beach café will be easy enough.

So currently we make 2 sizes - Café table-top and Handkerchief sizes. All one needs is a flat table-top and enough room and suddenly your roll-up becomes in a matter of seconds a rigid board. No fussy catches or clips or studs, just unseen unobtrusive firm magnetic fixing beneath the leather.


Café table-top Professional Roll-Up Backgammon® GB Pounds Sterling £669 (# O-PRU-380).

Size un-rolled 535mm square (21" square), stone/checker 38 mm diameter (1.5").

Handkerchief size Professional Roll-Up Backgammon® GB Pounds Sterling £445 (# O-PRU-180).

Size un-rolled 275 mm square (10.82" square), stone/checker 18 mm diameter (0.7").


For the playing fields we can make almost any colour combination, for the frames, we offer these in Black, Brown, White, Red and Navy blue. Please note that we do not recommend trying to match the printed leather board to the tanned leather frame - the two will never match perfectly as they are coloured in very different ways - so it is recommended that a contrast should be made.

Acrylic stones/checkers are available in black, red and white. Standard spot dice and doubling cube in Ivory colour.

We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
Please when emailing your enquiry, indicate which size you require.