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Luxury Games Collection

Parlour Games Compendium

A fun table-top gaming compendium.

Featuring traditional parlour games from combinations of Chess and Snakes and ladders or for the older child; Chess and Backgammon, and with additional games of Draughts, Dominoes, Cribbage, Pick Up Sticks, Jacks, Happy Families and Snap to name but a few!


Hand bound in Dauphin calf leather onto a wooden tray, with a printed leather inlaid game boards (double-sided) and felt lined inside for the stowage of all the playing pieces. All Dauphin calf leather colours are available (see swatch below).





# O-101/S&L Table-top leather Parlour game compendium with Snakes & Ladders/Chess; GB Pounds Sterling £935

# O-102/BG Table-top leather Parlour game compendium with Backgammon/Chess; GB Pounds Sterling £950


Dauphin calf colours for the tray and frame (playing boards are printed and can have a contrast design)


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