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Luxury Gifts Collection

Luxury Boudoir Accoutrements

Whether it be on one's yacht or at home - if luxury is your thing then everything should be of the same standard, no less.

So often rather boring and bland utilitarian articles that fill our homes, but are necessities; can look out of place amongst the rest of one’s well thought out, sought out and discovered finery - so Geoffrey Parker's team of craftsmen are on hand to turn these often simple and unattractive objects into something more splendid!


As you can see, bound by hand in fine leather, these articles quickly become desirable and attractive despite their obvious everyday functions.


All leathers from our house Dauphin calf to exotic skins such as Alligator, Ostrich, and Water Snake can be used to make these items stand out from the crowd.


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We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
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