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Backgammon Sets

Traditionally made on a solid wood core and bound by hand in various types of leather, our folding attaché cased backgammon boards are available in 5 sizes, from Competition to travel, all are handmade in England to order. There are multiple specifications of backgammons to choose from, these are all slightly different than one another and with over 28,500 configurations you can design a bespoke board to your exact specifications, from super-fast gaming calf leather, super-car semi-perforated automotive hide to exotics like water-snake & alligator. Within this section of our luxury backgammon sets there is a board for everyone!

Championship Class - Full Leather Backgammon

Our exceptional all leather backgammon with fine edged and weighted luxury leather checkers designed alongside former World Champion Paul Magriel. As Nick Foulkes wrote in GQ in January 2004: "If Hermès ever made miniature air-hockey pucks, they would look like this."

Contemporary Class - Leather/Metal Backgammon

Combining the modern with the traditional - our stunning Contemporary design backgammons showcase the twinning of leather & metal to a magnificent extent.

Prestige Class - Leather & Acrylic Backgammon

The classic acrylic checkers and doubling cube combine in our prestige class backgammon to create a luxurious gaming item.

Club Class - Billiard Cloth & Acrylic Backgammon

The special Billiard Cloth fields within our Club Class backgammons are made using finely woven 100% wool from Yorkshire mills from the north of England. We utilise this fantastic material in our sleek club class luxury backgammons as the cloth is extremely hard wearing and fast to play on.

Mediterranean Class - Wood, Leather & Metal Backgammon

For those Backgammon players who like a "noisy" game but also require the ultimate in luxury, we have twinned the two ancient and traditional crafts of the wood-worker and the leather-worker to stunning effect.

"Carbon Fibre" Leather Backgammon Sets

Cutting edge and contemporary - our "carbon fibre" style leather backgammon boards look the part & offer a luxury backgammon board that is perfect for the race track!

Water Snake Backgammon Sets

Incorporating water snake into our backgammon designs makes for an exceptionally luxury game!

Swarovski™ & Water Snake Backgammon

Taking luxury backgammon sets up a notch by combining Water Snake & Swarovski crystals in these stunning boards.

Alligator Backgammon

In either matte or gloss finish; top grade Alligator is simply gorgeous!

Super-Enriched Backgammon

When the only the best is required......

Automotive Hide Backgammon Sets

An ever growing Geoffrey Parker favourite... semi-perforated leather gives a contemporary super-car feel to our luxury backgammon sets.

Bridle Hide Backgammon Sets

Think of the classically attired British businessman with their traditional and often battered and loved attaché case as they swing through the doors of their favourite gentleman's club - for this is the style our Bridle hide backgammon range evokes.

How We Make Our Backgammons...

Have you ever been curious as to how we make our world famous backgammon sets?

Protective Quilted Backgammon Bags

For extra protection when carrying your precious Geoffrey Parker backgammon board!

Professional Roll-Up Backgammon Sets

Forget the unplayable roll-ups on the market - no serious player will use these - Geoffrey Parker has created a hard-sided roll-up backgammon!
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