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Luxury Gifts Collection

Distillers & Vintners

For that extra special tipple that needs showcasing - we're just the folk for the job!

From single bottle presentation - see the work we made for Glenfiddich® or the special art-deco presentation for the pink martini for Stolichnaya®.


Larger affairs include a traditional English Bridle hide suitcase and a locking leather drum presentation for Queen Victoria's favourite whisky; Buchanan's® twinned with a mahogany bottle coaster with inlays of Sterling silver to a collection of tasting glasses.


Very precious collections such as The Balvenie® whiskies of William Grant look splendid in their Tantalus encased in a Geoffrey Parker made and designed presentation suitcase.


There are many ways we can "skin a cat" for you - if super luxe is what is required, we can match the quality of your precious cargo and help showcase it to its best.


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We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
Please when emailing your enquiry, indicate which size you require.