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Bspk-56SG Silver Jubilee Chess Set

Originating from the 1960s, this Geoffrey Parker design was made not to compete but to compliment our association with the fabled Staunton design. It went on to become something of a classic itself when it won the prestigious Design Council Award in London for the two sets that were created to celebrate HM The Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Taking years of development to achieve the right aesthetics, just as Staunton did over a hundred years before, Geoffrey sought approval from THE chess organisation of the time, when he brought his designs to be checked for balance and playability to the United States Chess Federation.

Following their approval the sets went into production in Sterling silver and even Aluminium and much later in the Eighties, in black carbon graphite plated brass. Twinned with inlays of leather, this design was a definite reflection of its time and now evokes the Seventies kitsch and Jason King glamour.

Now of course with the Seventies back in vogue we thought this a perfect time to re-introduce this famous set in all its glory! Offered in Sterling silver, Sterling silver-gilt and even solid Gold, the set has stood the "test of time" and is a delight to play with.

Available in all Dauphin calf colours. Personalisation is of course available also on request.

Please contact our Special Commissions Department for a current quotation - the price quoted below is only to be used as an indication due to movement within the precisous metals market.

Within our Exceptional Pieces section of the web-site, we are exceptionally lucky to be able to offer the following:

Plated in 3 micron 18ct gold on top of the Sterling silver the Silver Jubilee set uniquely bore the special Silver Jubilee hall mark that only precious metal pieces made during the year of HM The Queen's Jubilee (1977) were allowed to carry. We are extremely lucky to have made contact with a chess collector who purchased one of these two special sets (the other we are not permitted to reveal its destination) and kept it in wonderful condition. He is however willing to sell this extraordinary set, complete with board – should this be of interest, please visit our Exceptional Pieces part of the web-site where a collection of photographs and price can be viewed of this special collector's item. The set has been inspected by our Chairman and we can confirm its authenticity.


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Bespoke Chess Silver Jubilee Chess Set

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