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# Bspk-99/CGC-Auto/SS

A brand new design currently under construction.

This will be a magnificent piece, available in numerous leathers, although the first out of our workshops will be made in super-car perforated leather and trimmed with Stainless Steel.

Sitting at almost 8ft x 4ft (2400 x 1200 mm) the table will seat at least 8 players and doubles as a dining/boardroom table, concealing its “cargo” from view when not in use, however, within a moments notice it can be transformed into a full “in house” casino.

On turning over the centre top panel a Blackjack layout is revealed with cards, chips, Dealer’s shoe stowed within the two Stainless Steel trimmed accessory drawers set within the base of the table.

Should Blackjack not be your game that night; then by swapping the next layer over, a beautiful Billiard-cloth bound card table insert is available for Poker or Bridge play, backed up by all the accessories one requires.

However if Roulette is more your “cup of tea”, then beneath this is a 2/3 sectioned Roulette layout which on discarding the remaining 1/3 insert, reveals a Mahogany Roulette wheel inlaid into the recess below.

Finally bringing the glitz of “Las Vegas” to your home, hidden beneath the above layers and lined with professional Pyramid rubber, is a Craps table, complete with precision Craps dice, dice stick and backed up by a huge supply of chips.

To support this tome, a plinth raises it from the floor and is trimmed in Stainless Steel to stunning effect, acting also as a “kick” plate.

As you can imagine, this piece is NOT light by any means and when ordered will be supplied in 3 sections (table-top, drawer section and plinth) which bolt together and require at least a couple of strong individuals to compile. Our team is always on hand to install wherever you are for an additional cost (travelling expenses etc). It is advised that once erected it is not attempted to be moved without un-bolting and individually moving the 3 sections. The sections will be shipped in a specially made protective wooden crate lined in Polystyrene.

Should other games be required instead of those mentioned above, such as Chemin der Fer / Baccarat etc please contact our Special Commissions department who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Whilst offering numerous leathers, we can also offer many different Billiard cloth colours to fit in with your home colour scheme – please advise your requirements when ordering.

Please note this item takes approximately 3 months to make.

Price: £ TBA
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Ref #: # B-98/CGC-Auto/SS
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