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Bespoke Perudo®

You can have equal fun choosing the colours of your cups and any personalisation you may require.

Suede lined and bound in any of our Dauphin calf leather colours (see swatch below) you can even change the colours of the bases and you can choose from our stock range of suede colours: Navy, Red, Black, Green and natural Beige for the inside lining. A choice of either a chrome (silver colour) or gilt (gold colour) knob for the closure lid, gives one plenty of scope to make your Perudo®/Liar dice set unique to you.

Further personalisation can be made with initials or with a logo on the cups, embossed in silver or gold to match the hardware chosen. We would suggest this is put on the base rather than the edges of the cups as one's perspiration can erode the embossing over time, which is less likely to happen on the base which is not in constant contact with one's skin.

Five standard drilled 16mm or 5/8" dice are provided for each cup and the set has 6 cups in total (extras or less can be added or taken away if required), so 30 dice in all.



# B-PRD/6 Set of 6 Perudo®/Liar dice cups with stopper and dice in Dauphin calf; GB Pounds Sterling £950

# B-PRD/6-Auto Also available in semi-perforated Automotive hide or in GB Pounds Sterling £955

# B-PRD/6-CF Or in "carbon fibre" leather; GB Pounds Sterling £955


We prefer to correspond via e-mail or telephone at time of order with our bespoke clients to ensure a truly bespoke service.
Please when emailing your enquiry, indicate which size you require.