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Backgammon Speedster™

Over time with grime, tobacco smoke and general dust in the atmosphere, your board can become slower. Our technicians at Geoffrey Parker have developed a secret formula slip-agent which we call our Backgammon Speedster™.

Applied to either the checkers/stones or the playing field or both in extreme circumstances - this can speed up an otherwise slow and sluggish board or restore a board back to playing perfection. The Speedster™ is very potent and only a small amount should be used - it is best to first apply either to the stones/checkers or to the playing field; not both as this may become too fast. Just take it one step at a time and check how the speed is coming along and where you want to stop?

We cannot guarantee that this will work on all boards and surfaces but on our Geoffrey Parker backgammon boards, which only use real leather, it certainly does. We do not recommend that it should be used on felt, cloth or material boards but it can be used on plastic/acrylic checkers which may make a difference?

APPLYING the SPEEDSTER™ On a lint free cloth, place this over the neck of the bottle and just tip a little onto the cloth - this should be enough for 15 checkers or one-half of a Backgammon playing field. Wipe over the surface and stack each checker separately so as not to stick together, then when finished the first 15; apply the same to the next 15 and by the time you have finished this, go back to the first 15 and wipe dry with a kitchen paper towel; then repeat with the other half set. Similarly if putting on the playing field; do one-half, then the other and then wipe off the first and then after the second.

Please note we do not accept any liability for damage or discolouration or any deterioration in your board - this is applied at your own risk and we suggest that you try a little in a corner of the stowage area before embarking on a more extensive Speedster™ exercise. Do not apply to the dice cups as these may slip out of your hand during play. The Speedster™ is made with natural products but still should not be digested or if it gets into one's eyes, sluicing with water immediately and medical attention should be sought. Please also note that one should wash one's hands with soap and hot water when you have finished as one can find that one's hands become slippery also, which is especially concerning when driving! If you suffer from skin allergies etc, we suggest wearing protective gloves; otherwise, we are not aware of any issues or need to use protection. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Each Geoffrey Parker backgammon board comes with a bottle of BACKGAMMON SPEEDSTER™ included, but, should you want a refill or wish to try this on another board, these are available in a 30ml (approx 2.5 fl ounces) bottle.


Price in GB Pounds Sterling.

£10 (# S-SA).


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