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Backgammon Doubling Cubes

For Western play; the doubling cube in backgammon is essential, not only from an excitement point of view (whether used for gambling or not) but for strategy & finishing games that are a foregone conclusion. The cube is, however, never rolled, only ever placed/accepted. Our hand inlaid bespoke leather Championship cube is a testament to our craft, while the Contemporary inlaid leather & nickel (or gilt) edition has become a firm favourite. Our deep etched acrylic cube is a stalwart for play on the move.

Championship Backgammon Doubling Cubes

A piece of leather artistry in itself, there is no better feeling doubling cube than Geoffrey Parker's full leather weighted cube.

Contemporary Backgammon Doubling Cubes

Matching our Contemporary Class backgammon stones/checkers - the leather and metal combination makes for a stunning luxury piece.

Prestige / Club Backgammon Doubling Cubes

Traditional, ivory style, acrylic ball cornered backgammon doubling cubes.
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