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Crawford/Jacoby Disc

A bespoke made leather disc embossed in either gold or silver foil to indicate which rule is in force.

A small double-died luxury leather disc embossed in gold or silver in coloured leathers of your choice from the selection below, to indicate which of these Backgammon rules is in force. Each of these backgammon rules are explained below...


Named for John R. Crawford.  A standard rule of match play. When the leading player comes within one point of winning the match, the following game is played without a doubling cube. This one game without doubling is called the Crawford Game. After the Crawford game, the doubling cube is back in play again.


Named for Oswald Jacoby, who proposed the rule.  A rule popular in money play which says that gammons and backgammons count only as a single game if neither player has offered a double during the game. The Jacoby rule is not used in match play. The rule speeds up play by eliminating situations where a player avoids doubling so he can play on for a gammon.

Backgammon Glossary courtesy of Backgammon Galore!

Size and price:

Price in GB Pounds Sterling.


DISC SIZE: 37 dia x 2.5 mm or 1.45" dia x 0.1".


(# B-Cwfd/Jac).


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