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Ed Rosenblum's recent book (2015), entitled "Conquering Backgammon" begins at the beginning for those new to the game or just wanting a quick refresher and in the second part of the book brings one to the advanced level of play.

Heralded by the great and the good of the game, Ed brings his years of experience as a teacher and decorated player to the page in an engaging read and in an easy to understand way for the starter player and full of strategic nous for those at the top of their game.

Here are some reviews:

Ed Rosenblum’s Conquering Backgammon has helped me to significantly refine my game. Its logical structure, clear explanations

and key reference positions serve to both crystallize strategic concepts and to demonstrate what tactic may work best and why. I

am a lot more confident in my play and others in my club have noticed the improvement. It is one of those books that you can refer

to again and again as your skill level evolves. I definitely recommend the book for intermediate players who are looking to take

their game to the next level.

April Kennedy

St. Louis Park, Minnesota


The book is a masterpiece within backgammon. It maintains a high level in part two and explains in part 1 all that is fundamental

for backgammon. You get to show that it is often the small details that determine which move or cube decision is best to perform.

It is to see the small details that make a player strong.

Your book has arrived to Stavanger library. There are many strong players in Norway who want to read your book. It's got a

reputation to be a book that helps players to get to the next level or several levels up. It was one in the backgammon club on

Monday which had borrowed book. I got 2nd place of 16 players. I am pleased.

I really appreciate your work that you have done in your book. I have talked with several good players in Stavanger Backgammon

club who have said the same. Last week I spoke with Farzin (won London Open in 2013 or 2014? He had never read a

backgammon book, but when he finally read a book it was Conquering Backgammon!).

Rune Halvorsen who was also a finalist in the Norwegian championship in 2015 was the person who got the book ordered to

Stavanger library. It was also he who contacted me to borrow the book. He had received strong recommendations from other

top Norwegian backgammon players that this was the book to become a better player. You should be proud of your book, we are

proud to reading your book. It is very well written and all topics are all key topics of backgammon as we see it.

Tore Christian Helliesen

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