Luxury Games Collection

Backgammon Accoutrements

This collection of various extras for backgammon; some might improve your game, but, we cannot make any guarantees! From backgammon books to chouette sets, this portfolio comprises all accessories you may require.

Backgammon Tutors

Chris Bray has been the backgammon columnist for The Independent for over twenty years during which time he has becomes the UK’s leading backgammon author & tutor.

Backgammon Books

Backgammon books to help improve your game & knowledge!

Backgammon Scorers

Built to fit within your Geoffrey Parker board or as a stand alone piece.

Backgammon Timers

Handmade leather compartment, crafted to fit the very popular Excalibur Backgammon timer.

Backgammon Chouette Sets

To add something extra to your backgammon experience, Geoffrey Parker offers all you need for an evening of Chouette.

Crawford/Jacoby Disc

A bespoke made leather disc embossed in either gold or silver foil to indicate which rule is in force.

Backgammon Speedster™

Over time with grime, tobacco smoke and general dust in the atmosphere, your board can become slower. Our technicians at Geoffrey Parker have developed a secret formula slip-agent which we call our Backgammon Speedster™.

Backgammon Quilted Bags

For extra protection when carrying your precious Geoffrey Parker backgammon board!
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